Fireplace Remodel



When I moved into my house the fireplace wall was covered in plaster molding, I did not like the look of this and it made it impossible to mount a TV above the fireplace. We decided to tare the wall down completely and redo it with a stone fireplace. The stone that used was from “Brighton Stone”, They had 12″x6″x1.5″ tiles that had been pre-cut for easy laying.

New dry wall

I then built a seat out of 4″x6″ planks of wood and cement board. I used lag screws to hold the 4″x6″ pieces together.


I setup the frame and mesh for the new stone border.


This was my first time laying down cement so I did not go crazy with it. If I were to do it again i would have built a frame that came off the wall. I placed a small piece of wood to keep the stone from dripping down over the fireplace, I only let this sit for 1 day, I should have let it sit for a couple of days as it did dip a little after removing the wood.


I then built a mantle our of  6×1 boards with a 4×4 as the mount.



Here is the finished product.





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